SEO / SEM and UX

SEO / SEM (Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing) is the technical strategy behind content and inbound marketing. UX (User Experience) is the presentation and flow of content in the space that’s been created for recipient that have the easiest consumption. These strategies in concert to maximize consumption and conversion. While Content Marketing focuses on the production of content for audience interest and education, the importance of maintaining a structure the search engines can index and an environment that viewers can easily navigate cannot be overstated. This is where SEO/SEM and UX best practices elevate the content strategy to be more tactical. While UX tend to have more immediate results, SEO/SEM results compound over time building greater domain authority, higher keyword search rankings, more website traffic, and higher conversions on the content marketing being developed to support the corporate initiatives at your staffing agency.

Foundational SEO / SEM

White Hat SEO
Technical SEO
On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO

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